Calling Analytic Solver through VBA




  • pablo gallegos


    Can you please precise how to get this add-in Analytic Solver Platform 2017 Type Library.?


  • Brandon Takahashi

    Hi Pablo,


    Thank you for submitting this request, we have sent a reply directly in regards to this question.



    Brandon T.

  • david Amachree


    Whenever i try to run these lines of code:

    Dim prob As New RSP.problem 
    prob.Init Activesheet

    I get the very annoying message: You dont have licence for Risk Solver Engine.

    Apparently these two lines of code reference the Analytic Solver Platform 2016 Type Library shipped with my Excel 2013.

    Please i urgently need to resolve this as i am getting really frustrated by this. I need to complete my class assignment asap.

    Thanking you,


  • Brandon Takahashi

    Hi David,


    Thank you for your request, we have replied to your emails to our support team in regards to this issue. Please note, the Analytic Solver Platform 2016 Type Library does not ship with Excel, these libraries are only available if you install the Analytic Solver Platform.


    This issue is occurring in regards to your license, which is likely being access post 15-day free trial, thus returning the License error messages.


    That said, please check your email (inbox and junk mail folder) for our reply earlier today in regards to your license and what we can do to assist.



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