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Analytic Solver Installation



  • Kerry Mayes

    My IT department just installed Analytic Solver but it can only be seen when they log in, not when I do.  It would be helpful to know what the constraints are - I assume that it must be installed in the user account.  I don't have admin rights so need to have IT run it as an admin user, will that work?  


  • Brandon Takahashi

    Hi Kerry,

    The Analytic Solver is installed for all users by default, installing to either the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder of the system. However, as you noticed the Analytic Solver is not immediately available to all users post installation. The add-in within Excel must be "registered on a per user basis", more information on that can be found in another Help Desk article here.

    If you run into any other issues that we may be able to help with please let us know via email to!



    Brandon T.


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